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Why You Need a Travel Advisor More than Ever

The travel industry is emerging after the worst year it's ever experienced. With countries still deciding how they plan to open their borders and reawakening the beleaguered industry, having an expert on your side to help you navigate the ins and outs of what is required is more important than ever.

As a Travel Advisor, the biggest benefit we provide to our clients is the gift of time. Did you know that on average it takes between 20 to 30 hours to research, plan and book a trip? It's easily double that if the destination is somewhere you've never been to before, which is the equivalent of a part-time job!

Travel advisors have the expertise to see the big picture and sift through the weeds to find exactly what you're looking for from trusted and reliable sources. By being able to take the overwhelming amount of information on the internet and distill it into key points that apply to you and your trip, we save you time and energy. Travel is becoming ever more complicated and travel advisors has up-to-the minute information and stay on top of the ever changing restrictions.

Our network has access to the people, places and experiences that can never to be replicated, much less imagined. Our relationships with our suppliers give us to access to exclusive perks that ensure your trip is truly personalized and designed with you in mind. These connections also help us save you money, or miles, or both, which further increases the value we can bring to your experience.

These relationships are also invaluable when there's an emergency or hiccup with your trip. As opposed to having to deal with it yourself and miss out on your trip, we will advocate to get you to the front of the line while you continue to enjoy your vacation. Weather, pandemics, cancellations, bankruptcies, you name it, are all things we're used to dealing with so leave it in our hands while you squeeze every last drop out of your journey.

At Sweet Sights Destinations, we will plan your trip from start to finish including logistics, accommodations and experiences. Start dreaming of all the things you'll see and do on your trip, and let us work our magic behind the scenes.

Let us help you plan the trip of your dreams. Book a chat with us via our calendar or DM us to get the process started!

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